Company Milestone

1991: started to produce stereo headphones
1995: started to produce headphone drivers
1996: started to produce communication headsets
1997: started to produce electro-acoustic components of cell phones and laptops
2000: awarded ISO 9001 certificate
2004: awarded ISO 14001 certificate
2007: phased in XRF analyzer for ROHS tests
2008: started to produce micro speakers of GPS and all-in-one PC
2009: upgraded acoustic analyzing systems and anechoic chambers
2010: phased in semi-automatic speaker assembly lines
2012: launched waterproof headphone series 
2013: increased headphone production capacity
2014: launched Bluetooth headphone series
2015: launched high definition headphone series
2016: launched the Lightweight Sports Bluetooth headphones with water proof feature
2017: upgraded the Bluetooth production lines