Mirco Speakers

As a veteran in the electro-acoustic industry, Sharptek has in-depth expertise in providing electro-acoustic components as listed below to reputable brands worldwide:

A. Headphone Drivers (Speakers/Transducers)

At Sharptek, we place emphasis on innovative approach in producing dynamic headphone speakers with minimal size and maximized quality, which has been the key to our steady growth. We were proud to be the first in the industry to consistently mass-produce 6mm dynamic headphone drivers. Our expertise in producing high quality headphone drivers across a wide spectrum of sizes from 5.8mm to 60mm enables Sharptek headphone drivers to be incorporated into different headphones and tuned-to-match different acoustic signature at the request of our customers.

B. Micro Speakers

Sharptek has accumulated over two decades of experience in full spectrum of speakers encompassing micro speakers, speaker modules, mini receivers and loud speakers along with audio enclosure. Sharptek micro speakers are widely incorporated into products such as laptops, all-in-one PC, GPS, feature phones, smartphones, tablets and wearable gears by world-known brands. We offer tailored design to accommodate our customers’ requests to achieve their expecting sound.


To learn more about detailed specifications of our available electro-acoustic components, please contact the sales department at sales(AT)