On-ear Headphone

Sharptek provides our customers with the stereo on-ear headphone solution.

  • Acoustic design: We have abundant experience to develop specific headphone drivers and our on-ear headphone driver size ranges from 28mm to 40mm. Besides, we are able to design closed-back, open-back or even hybrid audio enclosures based on our customers’ product specification to achieve their expecting sound.
  • Mechanical design: We are able to propose the most appropriate mechanical design based on customers’ preliminary ID or CAD drawings to have our on-ear headphones achieve ergonomic fit, long time wearing comfort and great sound effect.
  • Industrial design:We are able to propose new industrial design along with the latest product trend, new materials and methodology research based on our customers’ product concepts.
  • Technology integration: We are able to integrate other technology such as Bluetooth and Hi-Res technology into our on-ear headphones.
  • Off the shelf model:Our off the shelf on-ear headphones are mainly designed for on the go to perfect match mainstream mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and portable music players.